Our campsite near Saint Martin de Ré

Saint Martin de Ré is a charming French island located in the Atlantic Ocean, in the Charente-Maritime region. It is famous for its historic architecture, sandy beaches, unspoiled nature and outdoor activities.

Our campground near Saint Martin is less than 20 minutes from this walled city and is perfect for exploring the many riches of the region.

Saint Martin de Ré, historical capital of the Ile de Ré

The island of Saint Martin de Ré is surrounded by canals and salt marshes, offering a unique and peaceful sea view. Visitors can stroll through the cobbled streets and admire the typical 17th century half-timbered houses. The walled city, which is one of the oldest ports in France, is also home to numerous museums and art galleries, as well as restaurants serving delicious local cuisine.

Nature lovers can discover the island’s nature reserves, such as the ornithological reserve of Ile de Loix, where they can observe a wide variety of migratory birds. The fine sandy beaches are ideal for water sports and relaxation, and the bicycle paths allow you to discover the most remote corners of the island.

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Saint Martin de Ré is an ideal destination for those seeking to reconnect with nature, discover history and enjoy outdoor activities.

Are you planning a family vacation in the region? By booking a rental in our campsite near Saint Martin de Ré, you will be able to discover the many assets of the region!