Get around Île de Ré the best way possible: by bike

You probably couldn’t help but notice that visitors and residents of Île de Ré have a strong preference for cycling, which they use much more often than their car to get about the island – and that’s part of what gives it its special atmosphere. You can enjoy the peace and quiet as well as a healthier environment, with the chance to do an enjoyable daily physical activity, for the whole family.

Remember you can use the bike rental service at our campsite.

So you can’t stay in Île de Ré without having a few bikes available. And if you didn’t bring your own two wheels, you can use the bike rental services on the island and from our campsite.


A hundred kilometres of cycle paths

There are about 100 km of cycle paths available for cyclists in Île de Ré to get around the whole island. You’ll be able to take set routes to explore the island from different angles, using this comfortable and healthy mode of transport, in line with the feel of this unique land.

Discover historical buildings and monuments, venture into the forests and explore the coastlines with no greenhouse gas emissions – ideal. The highest point is just 19 metres, so you can take to the tracks without the slightest effort, for a gentle daily activity – perfect for those who haven’t been active for a long time.

You can opt for both classic bicycles or electric bikes to give your muscles a break when out and about. So the tracks will feel even smoother! Be sure to make your reservation in advance if you wish to rent a bike.

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