Hotel rental Ile-de-Ré: see our package

Our name, Campiotel des Dunes, it is not an accident. We offer a type of accommodation by the night that is not usually available when you spend your holiday at a campsite. We have the equivalent of a real hotel rental on the Ile-de-Ré, along with all the services you should expect when spending a night at a hotel. This package is for anyone who loves comfort, anyone who likes the campsite atmosphere, but still wants to be as comfortable as possible.

The advantages of our hotel rental package at the Ile-de-Ré

Our hotel package includes a two-person bungalow, fully equipped with everything you will need to feel at home. With bedroom, bathroom, and deck, you can enjoy a real peaceful haven that will be all your own, right here at our campsite. Your 20 m² bungalow will be your summer or spring refuge, and you can enjoy the sheets and towels that are provided. There is a TV in your bedroom, and Wifi is available.

You can eat your breakfast in the cafeteria and use all of the campsite’s facilities: pool, sports fields, activities. All of this awaits you on your holiday, just as for our other guests. We are a true outdoor hotel!

You will appreciate our quality services and the beauty and practicality of your quiet bungalow. We want you to enjoy the same services you would get at a hotel along with the campsite atmosphere, which is why we have this hotel rental package on the Ile-de-Ré at our Ars-en-Ré campsite.

Additional information

  • Queen size bed, sheets and towels provided
  • Bathroom, toilet, wardrobe
  • Suspended TV + Wifi
  • Breakfast at the cafeteria, €8.50 / pers.

Cooking in the room is prohibited.