All about your campsite
using the FranceCamp app

Do you want all the information about your campsite right on your smartphone, whenever you want? The FranceCamp app gives you access to any information you might need. This is the best way to plan your holiday using the latest technology. You can manage all parts of your holiday from the app.

Book your holiday in just a few clicks with FranceCamp.

You can reserve your services directly on the app in just a few clicks. You can also write reviews of campsites you’ve visited. You will also appreciate being able to access information on your campsite.

There are other options, such as exploring interesting sites near the campsite. You can also order a pizza from the snack bar and save time. You won’t need to stand in line at reception to ask a question: you can ask it directly from your smartphone using the app.

In short, the FranceCamp app will give you a better holiday experience. You will get faster reactions and more convenient services throughout your stay. Download it before you leave!